Processes and steps to onboard new team members at (name of your organisation), in alignment with our (link to any key document which gives an overview of your values and processes, for us, this is our Team Manifesto).

This toolkit acts as a template for your organisation so we have highlighted in yellow the sections that you would need to change with your organisation's details. Of course, feel free to make further changes where you see fit.

<aside> 👋 Welcome on board the team – we are delighted to have you with us! This document and this process aim to make your onboarding as smooth as possible. It is constantly evolving and we encourage you to share your feedback and insights to help us improve it.


1. Team Welcome

1.1 Onboarding Buddy Meeting

You will be invited to an extensive meeting with your onboarding buddy where you will be walked through the key steps for your personal and technical onboarding, following this agenda.

1.2 Team Call/Meeting

You will be invited to an online call or an in-person meeting where you will be welcomed by the whole team (of course depends on your size of team). The purpose of this call/meeting is to get to know each other, share our hopes (and any fears, if relevant) for your role, and clarify your role and responsibilities, following this agenda.

1.3 1:1 Calls/Meetings

We encourage you to set up (and lead) 1:1 calls or meetings with each member of the team (depends on your size of team) to cover the following items:

2. Onboarding Buddy

You will be assigned an onboarding buddy who will help you navigate the CXC universe in your first few weeks and months and walk you through the items in the list below.

2.1 Key Elements of your organisation

đź“– Pre-Reading List (We recommend that you link to the below key elements)