Updated 10th January 2023.

<aside> ⚠️ DISCLAIMER: There are probably as many different approaches and tools to building a powerful strategy as there are strategies in the world. This Strategy Toolkit guides you through how we, at ChangemakerXchange, go about designing the various components we consider critical for an impactful strategy. The objective of this toolkit is to give you a good overview of the various elements that make a great strategy, as well as a chance to self-reflect and draw inspiration from the examples of other organisations. We recognise we cannot possibly cover the topic entirely, which is why we will share links to additional resources wherever we see fit. With this in mind, let’s go 💥



Table of contents

The 8 steps to creating a powerful strategy

1. The Problem / The Challenge

2. The Purpose

3. The Theory of Change

4. The Activities

5. The Activity Plan

6. The "Business" & Funding Model

7. Impact Measurement and Evaluation